How to Remove TikTok Text on Videos

How to Remove TikTok Text

How to Remove TikTok Text – Currently, there is a lot of informative and inspirational content besides entertainment content on the TikTok application. So don’t be surprised if many people want to download the content and also share it

We can easily share TikTok videos on Chat apps or also social media. However, the problem is that sometimes we feel uncomfortable or reluctant with TikTok writing and also the user id of the video owner

Therefore, of course you want to find a way so that the writing can be lost and also not visible. If that’s what you want. So on this good opportunity we will share a tutorial or method that you can do

By sharing TikTok videos without TikTok writing, what we share will look elegant and also not look weird. Actually TikTok just wants to give appreciation to content owners. But what we don’t like is the TikTok posts that follow

Well, now please see what we will explain below about How to Remove TikTok Writing. By listening and also reading this article to the end, you will get the information you are looking for

How to get rid of TikTok posts on videos

Once again we emphasize that on TikTok videos or video content shared by users on the TikTok application there will be TikTok writing as well as user users. Even lately the writing is in the middle and also at the bottom.

Previously we could easily do cropping because TikTok text would appear below as well as above. But now it’s moved to the middle so it’s difficult for us to crop. However, there is a way you can do it

Trick to remove TikTok text on videos

On this good occasion, we will share a trick that of course you can use as a reference or you can also apply it to be able to remove TikTok writing on TikTok videos. Maybe this method is what you want

If the trick or method that we are going to present is not suitable or not suitable, you can’t find another way. If you are forced to do the following, you can immediately see and follow the following method.

  • The first step is to make sure you have a video editing application
  • If I may suggest you can use the YouCut application
  • You can get it on play store or app store
  • If you have downloaded and installed it, please just open it
  • Make sure you’ve downloaded the TikTok video that you’re about to unsubscribe
  • Please click the + icon on the YouCut app and select new
  • Also choose the video that you want to edit
  • Cover TikTok posts with Stickers or Emoji
  • Done

If only that was the procedure and also the trick that we could share and explain for you. If you are not satisfied with the method above, then there is no other choice. Because TikTok is closely guarding the content of its users

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That’s all we can present and also share with you. Hopefully what we share on this auspicious occasion you can use well. That’s a review of How to Remove TikTok Writing. See you again

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