How to remove the sender’s picture in Yahoo Mail Android

Currently, most of the internet users prefer Gmail for services E-mail-his. Although the majority of internet users prefer Gmail, quite a few also prefer to use the service E-mail Owned by Yahoo, namely Yahoo Mail.

Of course, there are many reasons why someone would prefer to use Yahoo Mail. If you are one of those internet users who prefer Yahoo Mail, in this discussion we are going to cover some simple tricks in Yahoo Mail.

The trick that will be discussed on this occasion is a trick on how to remove sender picture in Yahoo Mail Android. Knowing these tricks, you can always remove and view the sender’s picture in Yahoo Mail according to your convenience.


1. Please open the Yahoo Mail application installed on your Android phone.

2. If it is already open, please tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

3. Tap Settings.

4. Select the message preview in the settings.

5. Choose no avatar, no preview.

6. Here are the before and after results from the tutorial above.

7. Done.

Even though it’s currently in crisis, Yahoo at least isn’t forgetting to bring some cool features that can spoil its users. While the number of Yahoo Mail users is not as high as it is with Gmail, at least some of the features that are present may be the appeal of Yahoo Mail.

In the previous discussion, we also discussed some of the tricks in Yahoo Mail, including setting the menu to wipe Will Clear, and also change the subject. For those of you who remain loyal to Yahoo Mail, reading the discussion presented earlier is a good idea.

This is a guide on how to remove the sender picture in Yahoo Mail Android. Hope it’s useful.

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