How to remove shortcut icons from the Windows 10 desktop

The software or application icon on the Windows desktop is typically used to open a software or application. The shortcut icon on the desktop allows you to quickly open software without having to search for it. But too many icons on the desktop spoil the view when you stare at the PC screen.

Via the Windows operating system

Windows is an operating system created and developed by Microsoft. Originally, Windows was an operating system that was used on two platforms, namely cell phones and personal computers. However, over time, smartphone vendors rarely use Windows phones and are being replaced by Android.

Even so, Windows still exists today and is still the prima donna of the operating system on the PC. Windows is an operating system with most interfaces philanthropic. Using this operating system is very easy even if you are using this operating system for the first time.

Windows originally launched on November 20, 1985. At that time, Windows was still in beta (Windows version 1) with many flaws. But over time, the development of windows is getting faster and faster. Now Windows is coming to the latest version (Windows 10), which has several advantages that will spoil users.

The most interesting advantage lies in its appearance, which now carries a combination of Windows 7 and Windows 8. It has a minimalist design like Windows 8, but with a light system and a taskbar like Windows 7.

Change the appearance of the Windows operating system

Speaking of appearance, we can change the appearance in Windows 10 a little to make it look cooler and more minimalist. Some of them are to use a minimalistic wallpaper, minimize the system tray to remove icons from the desktop.

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Especially for those of you who use Windows 10, in this tutorial I’m going to give you a way to make your Windows 10 desktop look more minimalistic and cool. The trick is to remove or hide the icon on the desktop. Here is how.


How to remove desktop icons

1. First go to the desktop or home screen of Windows 10. Then right-click on an empty desktop area. Then select the option view and disable the options Show desktop icons.

Windows 10 desktop

2. Now the icon on your Windows 10 desktop has disappeared.

Windows 10 desktop

How to restore desktop icons

3. To restore it again, you can right-click any blank desktop page again and select an option view then turn the option on Show desktop icons.

Windows 10 desktop

4. Your laptop or PC desktop display is now as it was before.

Windows 10 desktop

Hence the tutorial on how to remove the desktop icon in Windows 10 to make it look minimalist and clean. Hope it’s useful.

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