How to remove photo / picture background with PowerPoint

Microsoft Office PowerPoint, or commonly referred to as PowerPoint, is a computer program for presentations that was developed by Microsoft in its Microsoft Office application suite. PowerPoint runs on PC computers based on the Microsoft Windows operating system and on Apple Macintosh using the Apple Mac OS operating system.

Only armed with PowerPoint can we erase background of an image. This is very useful when we don’t want to go to the hassle of opening other applications when we want to add an image Files our presentation.

Materials and tools:

1. Microsoft Office PowerPoint software (version 2007 and higher).

2. file we will delete the picture Background-his.


1. Open the Microsoft Office PowerPoint application.

2. Click the tab insertion, then click image.

3. Find and select the image file that we want to delete Background-, in this tutorial we’ll try Files example.jpg, then click Calls.

4. Then click the tab format, then click to recolor, then click set transparent color.

5. Click the color you want to remove.

6. The selected picture will be hidden automatically Background-his.

7. How to save the picture as Files PNG, right click on the image, then click save as picture.

8. Then find the location where you want to save the image file and give it a name. For this tutorial we will name it “transparent example.png” and then click to save.

This is how to delete it background Photo or picture with PowerPoint. Hope it’s useful.

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