How to remove objects without destroying the background (iOS & Android)

For some people who are in the world of photography, they need to have experience photographing objects, and often even experience, the results of the shooting are very good, but there are unwanted objects or objects that can affect the composition of what is in the photo Disturb the image.

Because basically a good moment cannot happen twice, of course it is a shame to delete a photo whose moment cannot be repeated, if it happened in the past, you will inevitably delete the photo. Happy are we who live in the era modern like now everything is easy.

To overcome this, there are already several applications that you need to use To install in Smartphone which already has a function to easily remove an unwanted object and does not need to be used software Photoshop, especially for those of you who are just starting out.

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Below are the steps on how to remove photo items on Android and iOS:

Download Snapseed on Android

Download Snapseed on iOS

1. Make sure you have To install use Snapseed in Smartphone You – open the application. 2. If already entered in the application – Tap screen Smartphone You can choose the photo you want to beto edit.

3. After selecting the picture, a display appears as shown in the picture – then Tap on Menu Tool – Tap Cure.

4.Highlight the item you want to remove by following the pattern of the item you want to remove – wait for the operation when the process is complete – Tap Check mark icon in the lower right corner.

5. Next Tap Export for Save – Select a save method.

Complete. How to remove or delete photo items on Android without damaging the image background.

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