How to remove duplicate titles in WordPress

A few days ago the author installed yoast WordPress SEO plugin After that there is a duplicate title, then the author looks for a way to remove or eliminate the duplicate title. After searching, the author found a very simple solution to fix the problem as follows.

A brief explanation of WordPress, WordPress is a very popular website application so far, WordPress is a free web application. Usually as an internet novice who enjoys writing and engaging in the world of blogging, of course, he will try to create a blog using WordPress or Blogger.

To give WordPress a try, you can do it for free on the official website Plus, you can also install it yourself through a hosting service if you think the time has come to try and manage the usage of a WordPress blog on your own.

This WordPress application can be used not only for blog but also as an ecommerce site or personal profile web. To do it all, you just need one theme that suits our needs. There are plenty of free WordPress theme builders that you can find on the internet.

In addition, WordPress also has a feature called a plugin that we can use to change the requirements of the website.

Sign in to the WordPress administrator and then edit the file head.php in the topic editor. seek </p> <p>as follows code title in our theme. (every topic is different, but the essence is the same)</p> <pre class="EnlighterJSRAW" data-enlighter-language="generic"><title><?php bloginfo('name'); ?>  <?php wp_title(' '); ?>


<?php wp_title(''); ?>

So only one line of code, if there is another line of code you need to delete it

<?php wp_title(”); ?>.

Completed a brief explanation from the author. Usually some new WordPress users get confused when they encounter this type of problem.

If you have any questions, please comment and the author and administrator of this website will try to help you.

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