How to remove copyright claims on Youtube

Some of you may already have itUpload self-created videos on YouTube, but have you ever accidentally created a video that violates copyright law (Copyright ©)? then how can one avoid and overcome it so that our videos no longer violate copyright law? So follow the tutorial below!


1. Sign in to your YouTube account.

2. Go to “My Channel”.

3. Then click on “Video Manager” (Manage videos).

4. Then look for videos that violate the copyright.

5. Then click on the symbol © see picture below.

6. See first details the copyright infringement.

Sound recording: you can avoid copyright infringement.

Video footage: You cannot avoid copyright infringement (the video needs to be deleted, if it is not deleted, the video cannot be monetized).

7. Then click Audio tab, As shown below.

8. Then find the audio that has the same duration as your video, just click Audio.

9. Then click on Save. Wait for the process Editing-his.


Note: If the video does violate copyright law, you have no choice but to delete the video or leave it alone.

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