How to remove ads / sales items on OLX Android

Reporting from its official website, OLX is the world’s largest classified ads platform that offers a Marketplace with a high and dynamic growth rate for local communities. OLX brings local people together to easily sell, buy or trade unused goods and services by uploading advertisements via mobile phones or websites.

Essentially, if you have used goods, or maybe new goods, you can sell them through OLX. However, compared to new items, used items are far more numerous at OLX. So if you have used items that are no longer used and are still in good condition, please sell them through OLX. The tutorial on how to sell goods on OLX was discussed in the previous discussion.

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Now that you know how to sell items on OLX, you should also know how to delete items on OLX. Knowing how to delete items on OLX is very important because once you abandon your intention to sell, you can always delete them as you wish. Do you already know how If not, please see the tutorial below.


1. Please open the OLX application on the Smartphone She.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines, then select my ad.

3. To perform the deletion, you must first deactivate the element. There are two ways to deactivate an item: first, tap on a sold set – select OLX sold / rented – deactivate it. Second, tap the item’s name – tap the pencil icon – disable – select the reason for disabling – disable. The second method is chosen for this tutorial.

4. If you have disabled the article, please visit tab on my ad and tap the item name.

5. Tap the pencil icon and then tap Delete.

6. Done.

This is a tutorial on how to delete items on OLX Android. Hope it’s useful.

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