How to Register GrabBike Online Via Smartphone

Hello smart friends! Previously once discussed how to register GOJEK via smartphone quickly and easily.

Well, this time we will discuss the rivals of GOJEK, that is Grab. The tip that we want to discuss is how to register for Grab via smartphone.

Well, for those of you who want to join as a Grab driver, let’s see how to register Grab online quickly and easily.

Here’s an easy way to register for GrabBike via smartphone

Before registering to become a partner GrabBike, you have to prepare some important documents and some conditions such as the following:

Terms and Documents:

  • ID CARD.
  • SIM C.
  • KK (Family Card).
  • SKCK (Certificate of Police Records).
  • Health Certificate (If above 50 years).
  • Motorcycle.

First, go to the site

Second, fill in your data in the registration form column. If you have, click list Now.

Fill out the form

Fill out the form

Third, a verification code will be sent to your number. Contents Code Verification and select Continue.

Fill in the Verification Code

Fill in the Verification Code

Fourth, enter your personal data like Photo Profile, ID card, SIM, SKCK, vehicle registration, Card Family, and other documents.

Fill in Personal Data

Fill in Personal Data

Fifth, if you have filled in the data, you must fill in the Statement. Check all Statement, then select Agree.

Contents of Statement

Contents of Statement

If everything is done, you just have to wait for the results from the parties Grab.

Well, that’s how to register Grab online just using smartphone. Do not forget share this article to your friends yes!

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