How to register for an inexpensive Tri Card 4G internet package

The need for a data quota is indeed a major issue for internet users, many of whom believe that the price of internet quotas will increase over time.

Card 3 (Tri) is known as providers for a small price, there is also a free bonus now Chat although the quota has been used up.

But gradually the price of quota 3 in the market began to rise. The question is whether the price was high providers or just one person counter who have the heart to raise the price of internet data for their profit.

Naturally counter or Internet package sellers usually have their own way of registering a card in order to receive Internet data. The problem is we don’t know the real price.

If you don’t want to buy at an expensive price, you can register manually using your smartphone. The condition is that you must have 3 cards and a number of credits.

How to get an affordable 4G tri internet allotment package:

1. Open the app phone, then press * 123 #

2. Several options will appear. type the number 3 Select Internet packages.

3. Then type the number 5 to the 4G LTE package.

4. Then select the package you want, 4G daily or 4G monthly.

Daily package list:

  • 1 GB (3 days) = 10 thousand
  • 75GB (7 days) = 15K
  • 75 GB (14 days) = 20 k
  • 75GB (7 days) = 20k
  • 75 GB (14 days) = 25 k

Monthly 4G plan list:

  • 12GB (2GB + 10GB) = 50K
  • 24GB (4GB + 10GB) = 90k
  • 30GB (8GB + 22GB) = 100K

5. All you have to do is choose which package suits your needs and the contents of your wallet. If the tri-signal in your area is weak, change the network to 4G LTE only.

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How to register a cheap 4G allotment for the Tri-Card, hopefully it will be useful.

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