How to register as Local Guides with Google

Google Maps offers many features to its users, and one of the features that you should know is that Google Maps enables its users to user on Google Local Guides. Google Local Guides is a feature for anyone who wants to become a reviewer or Appraiser Sights, restaurants, hotels.

If you decide to become a Local Guide, Google has also prepared several awards for you, such as Coupons Shop, Coupons Hotel, on the opportunity to travel to the USA. Are you interested in becoming a Local Guide? If you are interested, you can follow the tutorial below to register as a Local Guide.


1. Open the Google Maps application on the Smartphone She.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner, then select your post.

3. Tap Start.

4. Tap Next – Join Now.

5. Please enter the name of the city and tick the two options – Start.

6. Registration was successful.

7. Done.

To earn points, please leave reviews of some of the places you visit and try that the reviews you give are honest, with sincere intentions, the aim of which is to help other users. Also, try adding photos so that your reviews will help other users.

The more points you collect, the bigger the bonus you will get from Google. A number of user There are also local guides who receive starting bonuses Coupons Staying overnight, shopping, and more, all of which are sent over by Google E-mail the user.

This is a guide to registering as a Local Guide with Google. Hope it’s useful.

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