How to register a blog / website with Google Adsense

Are bloggers platform to blog most used by Internet users Indonesia. There are many reasons someone might use bloggers for activity to blogunder which there is no need to rent hosting.

By using Blogger, we only need one domain for the blog we created to look professional. We don’t have to worry about hosting costs as everything is taken care of by Google.

If you currently still use Blogger for activities to blog don’t feel inferior or discouraged because bloggers can still make money. Earning money with Blogger can be done through Google Adsense.

Those of you who have a blog and have met the Adsense criteria, such as: B. appropriate content, the age of the blog is more than 3 months and already have traffic, please register. As for the registration process, you can see the tutorial below.


1. Open the Google Adsense site.

2. Click Register Now. The registration process used here Top-level domain.

3. Enter the name of the blog. Example: and enter an email address. Select “Yes” to “Get AdSense Information” – save and continue.

4. Enter the country name then scroll down and review the terms and conditions – create an account.

5. You will be redirected to dashboard Adsense, and please enter the payment address information. When everything is filled in, please click Submit.

6. You will be asked to copy the Adsense code. Please copy the AdSense code and analyze on the blogcrowds page. to analyze AdSense code, please paste the code in the column provided, then click analyze.

7. Open Blogger – Topics – Edit HTML. After entering the HTML editing, please press Ctrl + F and enter . Paste the Adsense code that was usedanalyze under , then save the topic.

8. Back to dashboard AdSense, please tick “I pasted the code on my website” and click Done.

9. Wait for the response from Google in the email you previously registered whether the application for a Google Adsense account was passed or not.

So the tutorial for registering a blog / website with Google Adsense. Hope it’s useful.

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