How to reduce the size / compression of photos in Word

If you are used to using online sites or a third party application that you need to download to your PC first, then apparently this method can be used if you don’t need an internet connection at all and the application you are using is definitely on your laptop for Windows users. , but now also on MacOS, although it is not an app Originally from MacOS.

The application used is the MS Word application, what can be done? According to the title of this article, Ms. Word can be used to compress or shrink the image without lowering the quality of the image, but this MS Word application takes a few clicks to use and it is different from other applications that are just 1 click away. Here is the tutorial.


1. Prepare the image you want compress and don’t forget to open the Word app.

2. Then enter the desired image compress to your Word application.

3. Then click on the picture and click on Tab menu Format.

4. You will see an unnamed function on the far left of the screen; you will navigate it first cursor You to the function symbol without a name if the word. appears compress then click the icon (see picture for more details).

5. When such a notification appears, make the settings as shown below and click OK.

6. If so, right click the image and click the button save as picture.

7. You select the folder directory to save the image and don’t forget to enter the name and click to save to save the picture.

8. Done, here is a before-and-after comparison in Compress.

Note: This method is very good for those of you who want to compress images one at a time without having to download a third-party application.

This is a tutorial on reducing the size / compressing photos in Word. Hope it’s useful.

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