How to reduce RAM performance on Xiaomi Android

In one Smartphone There is hardware Called RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is generally the amount of memory used to run an application. The RAM capacity is different in everyone Smartphone depends on the price Smartphones.

Because to get a RAM with a large capacity, of course, it takes more money.
Usually RAM in there Smartphone already partially used by the system, so that the RAM capacity that can be used to open other applications is only half or even less left.

For example when buying Smartphone with a capacity of 2GB RAM, the remaining empty RAM is only approx. 900-700 MB (depending on the number of installed applications), which of course becomes a problem with activities on the Internet. Smartphone requires more RAM capacity.

Like when you play Games with strong graphics, if the available RAM capacity is insufficient, it will certainly happen delay (broken) at Games is played, even Games can be closed automatically or generally as a. are designated Close force.

For this reason, we are giving tips here on how to reduce RAM performance on Android Smartphone Xiaomi. Here are the steps.


1. First go to the settings menu (the settings)Tap About the phone menu (via phone).

2. Tap five times in a row in the MIUI version area until a small “You have become a development” appears. This is done to enable the Developer Options settings menu, as this settings menu will not be visible if it has not been activated.

3. Back to the settings menu – Tap Additional settings (Additional settings)scroll Down – Tap Developer options.

4. After entering the developer options menu, you will be presented with so many settings scroll scroll down until you find the settings in the APL group – Tap Background process limit – then do not choose a background process.

Complete. How to reduce the performance R.A.M. in Smartphone Xiaomi order performance R.A.M. not too hard. Hopefully useful and good luck.

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