How to reduce photo size without quality loss on Android

Everyone who has Smartphone must have already seen that the storage capacity of your smartphone is full because it is too much Files or saved files. And that can affect performance Smartphones.

But on the other hand, we don’t want to delete Files or files in Smartphone weather. One way to solve this problem is to increase the amount of memory on the Files or files in Smartphones.

You may want to compress or reduce the memory size of the image, but you are concerned that the image quality will suffer. For this problem, here is a tutorial on how to reduce photo size without quality loss on Android:

How to reduce photo size without quality loss on Android

1. First To install use Photo compression 2.0 in the Play Store

2. After going through the process Downloads, Open the existing application To install.

3. A display like the one in the picture then appears, you can take a picture from the camera or select an image that has already been saved in the gallery.

4. After you have selected the image to be compressed, you have several options available Compress Image menu you can choose between Fast compression or Compress.

5. If you choose compress then you will be presented with the compressed image quality settings.

The lower the picture quality setting, the more memory is reduced on the picture – Tap Compress when you are done with the setup.

if you choose Fast compression The application instantly compresses the image without you having to adjust the quality of the compressed image.

6. After the compression process, the image will appear and the memory difference will be reduced.

The image below is an example of a comparison between a compressed and a compressed image.

Complete. Here’s how you can reduce the image storage size without compromising the clarity or quality of the images on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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