How to Recover Deleted Photos or Videos on iPhone

Photos and videos are very valuable files that always have important moments in photos and videos. In addition, photos and videos are files for our work. In this day and age, photos and videos are still busy expressing themselves. With different types of effects and visualizations that are diverse and varied to make the results of photos and videos even better.

But have you ever run into a mistake when you accidentally deleted a photo or video, or your photos and videos suddenly disappeared from your gallery? And confused how to recover deleted or lost photo and video files. In fact, there are functions on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch waste paper binlike on your computer or Mac.

Most iOS users don’t experience this. So if you delete or accidentally delete a photo or video, all the deleted files will not disappear immediately, but will go to the trash. So that you can recover the deleted files sooner, go back to your photo and video gallery. Here is the tutorial.

Video tutorials:


1. Open the app photoTap Album.

2. Tap Folder New to delete.

3. Tap menu Choose – Select or highlight the photo or video file that you want to return to the gallery Photo – Tap Restore videos.

5. The photo or video will automatically return to the gallery Photo.

Complete. These are tips on how to recover deleted photos or videos on iPhone. Hopefully it will be useful.

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