How to Recover a Suspended or Suspended LINE @ Official Account

A few days ago there was news that the official inwepo account has been affected by LINE @ locked / locked I don’t know why, it’s really against LINE’s rules and guidelines.

Actually the beginning tires or expose in the LINE @ application because there are people who are not responsible for it spam get fraudulent promotions by wearing the name of LINE and other big companies Adder many by the lure of getting free coins and various other prizes then the account is traded. This is very worrying for LINE users.

In fact, this tutorial has already been written on inwepo, namely “How to Report Complaints and Problems on LINE”. This time it is explained in detail how to overcome the LINEat account affected by LINE’s Autoban.

Before filing a complaint or wanting to report it to LINE, you also need to know if you really did something wrong or not, the following LINE @ rules are prohibited:

  1. Share information or pictures p * rn0gr4fi and not in line with the moral values ​​of the Indonesian nation.
  2. Fake account sharing Coupons on behalf of a company that is not officially owned by a counterfeit mechanism.
  3. share FREE coins or LINE points Free of charge on behalf of LINE. Only accounts with a green shield can do this.
  4. Deliver, promote and act LINE coins, stickers, theme, and LINE @ account.
  5. Contains elements S4RA / P0l1tik or degrading / harassing certain groups, as in UU ITE No. 11/2021.

If you don’t break the rules above, it is possible that your LINE @ account will be returned. How can you then appeal to LINE? here is how:

1. Actually, the main requirement for your account not to be easily exposed tires or it can be returned if you get banned, i.e. make your LINE @ account premium. The LINE @ Premium ID costs only USD 12 per year = IDR 156,000.

Calculate you’re only paying $ 1 a month = Rp. 13,000 cheap, right? If you really intend to sell LINE @ or make a profit, this should be paid for as a form of support for LINE @. Since LINE @ also charges server fees to accommodate your posts on LINE @, if not from Premium ID payments, then where are they supposed to get their income from.

In addition, by using a Premium ID you have priority over the free LINE @ account

2. Open the link, then fill in everything shape is like the picture below:

For number 4 “Information on the problem” fill it in like this:

Akun official kami tidak bisa login dan semua post hilang. Kami tidak melanggar peraturan dan kebijakan [email protected] seperti membuat akun palsu, p*rn0grafi, s4ra, Menjual akun line, stiker, Spam, dsb.Jika ada pelanggaran mohon beritahu kami halaman yang melanggar agar kami bisa hapus dan perbaiki. Mohon agar akun kami dikembalikan. Terima kasih

3. In the last step, click on the button SEND. Wait up to 24 hours, LINE will reply to you via the email you provided.

Done, good luck.

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