How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive Using EaseUs

Surely you have never had trouble restoring data that has been formatted in external or internal hard drive? Yup, you are not alone experiencing this incident. Because, there are many users who use hard drives as media for their primary storage for years.

“Is it possible to recover a formatted hard drive?”

Indeed, you will lose access to data that has been formatted on the drive. However, the formatting will not delete the data that is already stored. In fact, the process of formatting only deletes file entries, so users can’t access them. However, the data is still there.

Therefore, it is possible to recover a formatted hard drive using data recovery software. Well, one of the most effective hard drive recovery software is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. This software can scan the hard drive after formatting and show all the data.

What Makes EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard the Choice for Recovering a Formatted Hard Drive?

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

You need to know, to use the EaseUS software is very easy, because it has a simple interface. If you have doubts about other hard drive recovery software, you don’t need to hesitate anymore to use this software because it’s very easy to use, so you don’t encounter any problems.

This is because the data recovery guide using EaseUS is very easy and will not make you feel difficult. Oh yes, by using the EaseUS software you can search for files quickly. The trick is to do a scan that is so fast.

Well, the chance of being able to recover data as a whole is also quite high, which is around 97.3%. This is what makes EaseUS software superior to other hard drive recovery software and it is also very popular among users who want to retrieve data.

But it’s also worth noting! If you will not be able to recover a hard drive that has been formatted, if you have overwritten the previous data with new data in any form.

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What are the Steps to Follow to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive?

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive

Recovering a Formatted Hard Drive

Well, after you install the EaseUS software, you have to connect the hard drive from where the deleted files were to your computer system. After that, you can run the Recovery Wizard and select the formatted hard drive.

If so, you can continue scanning the drive and wait for the scanning process to finish until you can see all the files that have been lost from the drive. Oh yes, you can also click for the file you want to see.

After completing the data recovery process, you need to select the file and click the Recover button. Then the software will ask you to choose a storage location for the recovered files. If you can, you choose a different location, guys.

Then, What’s the Best Way to Back Up That Data?

How to Recover a Formatted Hard Drive

EaseUS Todo Backup

Accidental deletion, formatting, system crashes are some of the errors when data loss. Well, there are 2 ways to prepare for those mistakes. The trick is to use a backup storage device and have other file backups.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a backup and recovery tool that can be used to easily secure your existing files, disks, hard disk partitions and entire system. So, before you decide to format the hard drive, make sure you have backed up your storage device.

Apart from that, you also have to perform data recovery after it is configured. Well, with this search, you won’t have to worry about losing important data again, guys.


Formatting a hard drive by accident and you can’t access its data is really annoying. Therefore, if you don’t recover your formatted hard drive immediately, then you will most likely lose important data permanently.

So, you should check out the free trial version of the EaseUS software. Oh yes, you can also try the available features, analyze the reviews and restore the formatted hard drive.

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