How to Record Screen Using Game Launcher on Samsung HP

Of course, if you are a Samsung user, you will get a lot of standard applications on this Android. You may have thought to yourself, “What is this standard Samsung application for? How do you use this app? ” As a Samsung user, if you do not know the usefulness of the standard application, you will of course disable or even delete the application. However, reconsider that. Because applications you may not know how they work have functions hidden for later use. Like Samsung’s default Game Launcher application

Game Launcher is an application that Samsung supports, a control center when playing games. The function of this application is to turn off the notifications of your mobile phone so as not to disturb the game activity, lock the “Back” and “Recent” buttons so that if you accidentally press the button, you do not quit the game. Not only that, this application has features too Screenshots and Screen recorder which can be used while playing.

Not only games can be added to this Game Launcher application. Like app Spotify, webtoon, iflix, pinterest and so on, we can activate it in the game launcher. Well this time inwepo gives you a trick on how to do it Screen recording with Game Launcher for Samsung users.

Here is how Screen recorder with Game Launcher on Samsung phones:

1. Open the Game Launcher application and go to the application page.

2. Then click on the three dots (:) in the upper corner as shown.

3. Click the Add Application option.

4. Next, select the application to download Screen recording.

5. The app has been added to the game launcher.

6. Next, open the application you want to download Screen recording (e.g. Pinterest) make sure you open it from the Game Launcher app.

7. Then click on the orange icon in the lower left corner (see picture).

8. Then several options will appear and select the recording screen.

9. Run the application, when you’re done drag it Toolbars on your mobile phone and tap Stop recording.

10. Done. The video will be saved in your phone memory.

This is the guide How to Record Screen Using Game Launcher on Samsung Phone. Hope it’s useful.

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