How to Record Call Sounds While Calling

When you are on a call, you may forget what was said earlier. Especially if it’s an important call.

Surely you will panic and be confused about what was said. But don’t worry, have a solution so you don’t forget when you call.

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Take a peek, how to record a call when you’re on a call

Recording conversations while on a call is very helpful, especially if it’s an important call or a call that is trying to trick you.

Don’t miss the conversation on the phone. Instead of being curious, just take a look below.

First, you have to install Automatic Call Recorder.

Install Autocatic Call Recorder

Install Automatic Call Recorder

Second, select then open the app Automatic Call Recorder.

Select then Open the App

Select then Open the App

Third, you can choose a theme and a storage location. After that select “Finished“.

Choose a Theme and Place Location

Choose a Theme and Place Location

Fourth, when people call you, it will automatically record your conversation while on the phone.

Automatic Conversation Recording

Automatically Recording Conversations

Fifth, after finishing the call. You can immediately reopen the application, then the recording of your conversation will appear.

Conversation Record

Conversation Record

Sixth, you can also save,share as well as playing back the recorded voice of the call.

Recording Results

Recording Results

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