How to Record Android Screen on Xiaomi MIUI 9 Without Additional Applications

After the success of MIUI 8, Xiaomi has finally re-launched its latest UI system called MIUI 9. MIUI 9 is already equipped with features that are very different from the previous MIUI version.

Like additional system apps Screen recorder, this application gets a lot feedback positive by MIUI 9 users, because of this application, MIUI 9 users do not need to install additional applications to record the screen Smartphone Here is a tutorial on how to use the system application Screen recorder on MIUI9.

1. Make sure Update Your Xiaomi on the newest MIUI 9th addition Settings – About the phone – System update – Update .

2. Sign in to home MIUI 9 you and look Folder App with name Tools or Tool.

3. Find and then open the application named Screen recorder or Record screen.

4. Go to the application’s settings.

4. Then adjust the settings as required.

5. If you Tap return and click the button records (View picture)

6. Then it will appear Pop-up balloons as in the picture below

7. To start recording, Tap the red round button.

8. And the direct recording starts without a countdown.

9. To end the video Tap return the button.

10. Done.

Specialty Screen recorder This is only available for the MIUI 9 or MIUI 9 operating system and specifically for Xiaomi users who support MIUI 9.

On version beta, this application does not run smoothly in this tutorial with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x with the MIUI 9 Stable Rom operating system not Beta.

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