How to recognize the font in pictures

When it comes to design issues, whose name is font is an inevitable element. existence font Not only does it provide information about a design, it also adds to the beauty of the design created.

In addition to embellishing a custom-made design, font can also represent a feature for a design or a designer himself. So only with a font, you can do it Self-marketing.

That is the important role of a font. Even, font also able to pique someone’s interest, own and use it. Sometimes when there is a design that font well, we must have been interested in using it, right?

Besides being interested in using it, sometimes we also try to figure out what kind of font that. And do you know if you’re the type of font is that really feasible? If you don’t know, please read the tutorial below.


1. Go to the Font Squirrel site.

2. Prepare a picture that font.

3. Upload your picture Upload Image.

4. Please harvest Picture until a red line on the fontCustomize it.

5. Scroll down and enter font successfully recognized. Sometimes there are several types font which you can download.

6. The process is complete.

Surname font the example above is poppins. That said, no single site or app can figure out the name font Can be used in an image or design. So what can be recognized is just the type or the similarity fontonly.

This is a tutorial on how you can kind of find out font on picture. Hope it’s useful.

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