How to recognize the authenticity of Micro SD on Android

Just bought Micro SD new to your Android? Doubting the original or not because the price is cheap but the appearance is not suspicious? Or do you just want to check the authenticity? Relax, the app called SD insight which is only small will prove your doubts. So check it out.

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1. Download, install and open the application SD insight in Load game You for free! When a selection is displayed Reject or Accept Select Accept.

Download SD Insight Free

2. You can see the brand / logo of Micro SD what to use if the brand that looks like this is not the same as the brand shown on the physical page Micro SD or appear “Unknown” or size that appears to be almost half the storage capacity that should be confirmed Micro SD what you are wearing is fake.

3. In the menu options in the upper left corner (next to the logo SD insight) You can also change it to MMC card know the brand MMC built-in internal Android She.

So check Micro SD Whatever you use is fake or not, don’t be tempted by cheap prices storage the great. Try to compare prices in multiple stores on-line or offline other, is it appropriate or not and also make sure that you get a warranty of the goods, which is guaranteed by the seller and the manufacturer of the micro SD (Official).

Unless you know M. beautifulMicro SD What you are going to buy is a fake (KW) and the seller will tell you. The author looks at the price Micro SD this fake is for storage 32GB is only 50,000 while the original costs around 150,000. Isn’t the difference very, very far?

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