How to recognize frequently contacted contacts on WhatsApp

Perhaps not many of us know if the WhatsApp application we often use turns out to be able to record chat history or traces of each user. In other words, we as users can check for ourselves which contacts we invite frequently Chat or we often call. Well, interestingly, you can use this trick to find out who your girlfriend is calling often. Curious? Here is the review.

Who doesn’t know WhatsApp? Almost everyone uses it. The presence of WhatsApp makes communication easier and leads to the abandonment of messaging communications such as SMS. From time to time, WhatsApp continues to innovate by developing various new features to make its users more comfortable.

But unfortunately not a bit user WhatsApp not maximizing the features available on WhatsApp. For example, a function to find out which contacts are contacted frequently. This feature allows us to check who we invite frequently Chatincluding anyone your partner contacts frequently.

For those of you who are often suspicious of your partner, the following method may be suitable for you. So that your suspicions are answered, you can try the following tutorial right away.

Video tutorials:

First step:

1. In the first step, open the WhatsApp application as usual Tap 3 dots in the upper right corner, then select settings.

2. The second step, next select in the Settings menu Chat then select the menu again Chat history.

3. The third step, select directly in the chat history menu Export chat then the contacts who are contacted often appear later.

Second way:

1. The first step, still the same as the first way, go straight to the menu settings then select menu Data usage and storage. Select next Memory usage.

2. Finally, you can check the amount of data sent to the user or user Miscellaneous.

This is a tutorial on how to find out which contacts are frequently contacted on WhatsApp. Hope it’s useful.

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