How to receive notifications when someone is online on WhatsApp

To find out a friend or someone is on-line or offline With WhatsApp, of course, we often have to go back and forth to look at the chat contact of the person we are waiting for. Because usually status text on-line appears under the chat contact name. But if you wait too long, it gets boring. Well this time Inwepo is going to share the trick so that we can be notified instantly when the friend or person we are waiting for is online.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication media today. Still under the same roof as Facebook, this application has quite a few active users every day. This is due to the many interesting features in it. As WhatsApp users, we are of course already familiar with online features.

Yes, with this function we can find out when someone is on-line or medium Chat with WhatsApp. But quite a few of us often hide our status on-line that. Either for data protection reasons or for other reasons. Well, for those of you who like to point out your friends who have status on-lineit’s off.

Inwepo now has a pretty useful trick that lets you get notifications when your friend is on-line in the WhatsApp application. Here are the easy steps.

Video tutorials:


1. Make sure thatdownload andTo install First WhatsOnTracker application.

2. Directly open the WhatsOnTracker / Netwa application that we have To install. then Tap agree and then select Accept using for the first time. Next Tap the plus symbol in the upper right corner to start adding goals.

3. Select WhatsApp, then enter the destination or friend’s WhatsApp number, starting with the country code for Indonesia, namely (+62).

4. Don’t forget to add the WhatsApp name as well, then it will be displayed symbol that the friend’s number was successfully added and notification was successfully activated. To turn it off, just slide the blue button.

5. We just have to wait or do other activities. If our friend on-line there will be a notification like below, not just when offline There will also be a notification.

This is a guide on how to receive notifications when someone on-line on whatsapp. Hope it’s useful.

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