How to read WhatsApp messages without knowing it on iPhone

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application that allows us to exchange messages without SMS fees, as WhatsApp delivery boy Use the same Internet data plan for email, web browsing, and more. WhatsApp app delivery boy Use a 3G, 4G, or WiFi internet connection for data communication. We can talk with WhatsApp on-line, Share Files, Share photos and more.

There are some features of the WhatsApp application that some people don’t want, such as: B. If you read a message on WhatsApp, the sender of the message will know immediately. The appearance of two blue check marks indicates that you have read the message, and sometimes you don’t wanna answer Chat it for some reason.

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If you want others not to know that you have read the message and the message sender doesn’t get a notification like a blue double check mark, see how to tick WhatsApp 1 despite reading Chat for iPhone users.

Video tutorials


1. Open Safari browser – visit the official website Tweak box at – Tap Download the app

2. Tap To install – Input PasscodeTap To install

3. Open the app Tweak box – Select APPS – Select Optimized apps

4. Search WhatsApp ++Tap To install – a message appears Tap To install again.

The WhatsApp ++ application installation process is being processed. Please wait a moment.

5. Open the app WhapsApp ++ – go to settings – Tap menu WA ++ settings – activate it Deactivate read receipts

Information: image left sender and pictures the right of the recipient. In the picture, the recipient of the message has read the message, but the sender of the message does not know that the recipient has read the message. Because of functions Deactivate read receipts already activated.

Done, now you can read messages without a blue tick to the message sender.

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