How to read / open a USB flash disk in the Linux terminal

Inwepo Tutorial – To read or open a USB flash disk in a Linux terminal we can use the “mount” command. This command mounts the file system in a specified directory or mount point. Only the superuser can execute this command. To view all file systems and their current mount points, enter the mount command and the directory to be loaded.

1.First of all, we need to know the name of the USB device, enter the terminal:

fdisk -l

2. Now that we know the name of our USB device, an example like the screenshot above belongs to the author / dev / sde1

then type

mount / dev / sde1 / mnt /

Explanation / mnt / is the directory in which the contents of the flash drive are displayed.

3. tap to access it CD / min / to see the content type l / min /

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