How to read articles offline from the Internet on Android

As we know if we want to find information on the internet or rummage must use a data packet or an internet connection from WiFi. But thanks to the technological sophistication that has continued to develop to this day, we can do that too rummage with data condition the end or offline. Curious how rummage offline? Check out his review below.

Meanwhile, the internet has become a basic need for everyone. Because almost all information about everything we can find on the internet. Even so, we must of course be connected to an internet connection so that we can continue to search and find the information we need.

But what if we run out of internet data quota? Or is there no free wifi around us? It turns out we can too now rummage without the need for an internet connection. Of course, this method is very effective for those of you who are out of quota or struggling to find an internet signal. How then? Find the answer below.

Video tutorials:


1. First step, download and To install first the pocket app.

2. In the second step, open the installed Pocket applicationTo install in Smartphone, then Tap Sign in with Google / email register for the application. If it is already Tap log in. Next, close the Pocket app, open the app Browser Chrome and find the article or information you want to read offline.

3. Third step, Tap 3 black dots in the upper right corner to bring up another menu, next Tap menu share.

4. Step four, choose Add to bag then an activation notification will appear Quick save for pocket app, Tap only YES SIR.

5. In the fifth step, activate the button Allow overriding other apps. Then open the Pocket application and Tap Website that we previously saved.

6. Before opening the article, you can try to deactivate your Internet data connection.

This is a tutorial for reading articles in real time offline from the internet on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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