How to Re-register the Tri Card according to Government Regulations

It is reported that the Government has imposed regulations on new customers and existing customers of prepaid cards for registration which is validated using the Population Identification Number (NIK) and Family Card number (KK).

If the customer does not register and validate the card SIM Cardit will be blocked. Simultaneous opening of registration dates starting on 31 October 2022 s/d February 28, 2022. For you Tri users, just calm down! There is a way to re-register the Tri card.



Now! This time will review how to re-register the Tri card. So, take a good look, guys..

Re-registration Via SMS

  • First, make sure the National Identity Number (NIK) you which consists of 16 digits and make sure it’s also registered at Dukcapil.
Enter NIK

Example of Population Identification Number (NIK)

  • Second, make sure the Family Card number (KK) you which consists of 16 digits and make sure it’s also registered at Dukcapil.
Enter Family Card

Example of Family Card Number

  • Third, how to register card Tri type SMS with SMS format NIK#KK Number#> Then send to 4444.

Example of SMS format: 1234567890123456#3201060401140023#

Tri Card Registration Example via SMS

Tri Card Registration Example


  1. Prepaid card registration is mandatory for new customers and existing customers, because it has referred to the Regulations Menkominfo No. 12/2016 along with the changes.
  2. Prepaid card registration can be done by customers directly or directly visiting the outlets Tri and will be registered by Indosat service.
  3. Prepaid card registration for foreign citizens (foreigner) can be done directly to Indosat operator service outlets based on data Passport/KITAS/KITAP.
  4. The limit for re-registration of old customers is up to February 28, 2022After that, if you don’t register, the number will be blocked.

So, smart friends, don’t forget to re-register the card Tri you. Oh yes, don’t forget to also share this article so other smart friends know how to register a card Tri. Well, if you have criticism and suggestions, you can write them in the comments column here, okay?

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