How to quickly share files, photos, music, videos and apps for Android and iOS

How to quickly share files, photos, music, videos and applications on Android, iPhone, iPad or PC / laptop computers with Zapya.

Usually sending or sharing files is used on smartphones with bluetooth, but when using bluetooth it feels very long especially when the file is large.

Well, there are other solutions and ways to share and send files without bluetooth but using Wi-Fi tethering or hotspot technology. File transfer speeds up to 10MB per second.

To share files via Wi-Fi tethering without an internet connection, we can use an application called Zapya.

The Zapya application can also send and share files to users of Android smartphones, iPhone / iPad (iOS), and Windows and Mac computers.

In addition to sending files, it turns out that Zapya can also chat and clone all applications from an old smartphone to a new smartphone.

It’s easy to use too, here is the Zapya tutorial for Android:

1. Download and install the Izapya application

Zapya Android

Zapya iOS

Zapya Windows PC

Zapya Mac OS

2. Run the zapya application, select the blue circle menu in the lower right corner.

How to share Zapya files

3. Here you need to have 1 person to host the server. Select Create Group to host. For example, you are the host and your friend is the client to send or receive files.

4. If you are already a host, continue with your friends to select Search and Join as a Client.

5. When you have successfully connected, you will see the name of your friend’s device. Select the Shop Around menu to view all of the installed applications.

How to split Zapya 5 files

6. You can install the application directly on your friend’s device (for Android users).

How to split files zapya 6

7. Select the Menu tab to send photos, videos, music, or files to your friends.

How to split Zapya 8 files

8. The sent file is on the History Menu tab.

We can send files, photos, songs and videos from Android to iOS or to PC windows and Mac computers.

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