How to Quickly Open Blocked Sites with Opera Mini (Android & iOS)

Opera Mini is one of the Browser Cell phone, mobile phone best tailored for users Smartphones, good for Java MIDP 2.0 / Java J2ME users, Android, Windows Mobile, iOS, BlackBerry OS, UIQ3, Symbian and Zeebo, Browser that will too Browser popular and popular with users in Indonesia and the world.

The Opera Mini browser has many advantages over Browser others are: Save internet data quota, site access or browser speed, faster YouTube access, faster reading mode by displaying only text and images and much more.

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Besides, it turns out Browser Opera Mini can also access or open websites that are blocked by positive internet or the government.

By using Browser Opera Mini we don’t have to bother to use a VPN or proxy to access blocked sites because sometimes when we use a free VPN or proxy the problem is “slow” or it takes too long for the Open site because the VPN or the proxy we are using, a lot of people are using it.

We also don’t have to spend money to buy a VPN or proxy just to get quick access to blocked websites.

Then how can we open or access websites that are blocked by a healthy internet?

1. To install use Opera mini browser which can be Free download in the playstore (Android) and the App Store (iOS).

Download Opera Mini (Android)

Download Opera Mini (iOS)

Download Opera Mini (different operating system)

2. Open the Opera Mini app in Smartphone/Your cellphone. Enter the URL address which has been blocked. Examples like the website which was blocked yesterday on May 5, 2022 or or other sides that you want to visit but cannot because it is blocked.

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With the help of Browser Now with Opera Mini you don’t have to worry as you can quickly get back to any blocked websites without using a VPN or proxy.

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