How to quickly enter text with voice commands on Android

Since birth Smartphone, almost all human needs are facilitated. Especially since the application delivery boy. Exchanging messages is very easy and inexpensive. Even if you are lazy to type, the functions Voice memo and Video call ready to use.

But quite a few people are awkward to communicate face to face Video calls, or not sure with your own voice, which can be played through over and over again Voice memo. However, there are other ways that can be tried in lieu of the two methods above. Namely typing text with voice commands.

In addition, this method can also be carried out in any typing column, Update Status, do subtitle Instagram and so on, just with voice commands without additional apps. Because the application used is sufficient keyboard from system Android factory.


1. Applications used only keyboard, you can use keyboard anything. But in this tutorial only with System keyboard Lollipop version. All you have to do is activate the voice input button. Like, open settings, then choose Voice input.

2. Select menu keyboard Android, then Note.

3. Next step Activate voice input button. That way in every empty column if keyboard seen, you can enter something simply by speaking.

Right at the top of the line keyboard, Select symbol Microphone / voice then speak the voice then your voice will be a text font.

Done, how quick and easy right?

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