How to Quickly Download YouTube Videos on Android

This time YouTube is a sharing site videos the most popular. Users registered on YouTube can upload and share videos with anyone, anytime and accessible to anyone.

Other than that, videos YouTube can be embedded and shared to other sites. However, YouTube does not provide official media to downloaddownload videos which is on YouTube.

But calm down, there are various ways to download videos in YouTube quickly. Starting from using third-party applications to using websites downloader.

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GOKIL! Here’s How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

This time will review how download videos YouTube in Android quickly and easily. In addition, will also review how to download videos on YouTube without software whatever. So, listen, guys!

1. Use the TubeMate App

TubeMate App

TubeMate is one of the applications for download videos YouTube via cellphone. This application is very easy to use. Unfortunately, the TubeMate app is not available on the Play Store. So, how download videos YouTube quickly is todownload first apk from the TubeMate app.

Before you-download apk application TubeMate, you must first allow the Android device to install and run applications download from another site.

How to setup to allow Android devices toinstall external applications are as follows:

Settings > Security > “Unknown Sources” > Slide “Toggle” to enable permission settings.

Now! Next you download apk from the app TubeMate that and install the application yes. After beinginstall, you run the TubeMate application.

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Now, how download videos YouTube on Android using TubeMate are as follows:

  • First, method download videos past YouTube is you first open the application TubeMate and search videos what you want download. Next clickDownload” or the red arrow in the lower right corner.

Smart Tips Videos on YouTube

  • Second, wait until the application TubeMate decipher videos that you download earlier.

Process of Parsing YouTube Videos

  • Third, select the video quality you want downloads. Then clickDownload” or the yellow arrow in the lower right corner and then wait until the download process videos YouTube on Android until it’s done.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android

  • Fourth, after process download videos in YouTube done, automatic videos it has entered gallery videos on your smartphone.

Saved Videos in Gallery

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2. Via the “SaveForm.Net” Site site

Method download videos in YouTube without the application is to go through the site The site besides being able to be used for download YouTube videos at mobile phone, can also be used for ways download YouTube videos on your laptop!

So you no longer need todownload third-party applications todownload videos on YouTube.

Now! How-to steps download videos YouTube without application is as follows:

  • First, you open YouTube and search videos what you want download. Next click icon arrow or download > click “Copy Link”. Like the following image example:

Download Videos on YouTube

  • Second, you open the app browser then visit the site, next copy-paste link earlier in the input field. As an example of the following image:

How to Download YouTube Videos Without Software

  • Third, wait until the process download done and you can check videos it is in gallery or in a folder download on Android Phone you.

YouTube Video Download

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So, so it’s like that, my friend, how smart download videos YouTube easy isn’t it? Now! For those of you who have criticism and suggestions, don’t forget to leave a comment below. Don’t forget to also share this article so that more people know how download videos YouTube at mobile phone

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