How to quickly create short URLs in Google Chrome

URL shortener is a service whose function is to a. abbreviate Url easier to remember and definitely shorter, page URL shortener You can find a lot on the internet such as: B.,,, tinyurl and others.

There are 2 types URL shortener, ie type no advertising and type To sue, for type no advertising is when you access Url In short, you will be redirected to the landing page immediately.

There is an easy way you can use to Url long pages become shorter without having to access the page URL shortener, here’s a quick way Short url on google chrome.


1. You are accessing Google Chrome Extensions URL shorteners.

2. Then you click on the button Add to Chrome.

3. Then a notification appears and you click the button Add extensions.

4. Wait for the download process.

5. When the download is complete, it will be displayed symbol in the top right corner of the Google Chrome app.

6. You click symbol the extension and automatically Tab url that you open will be processed by the extension to make them Short url from you click on the button Copy for you to copy Short url the.

7. Done.

Remarks: Apart from the use short Url, you will also receive a QR code that you can save or copy on your PC Url from the QR code and embed it on your website. From this 1 extension you get 2 functions, namely: URL shortener and URL to the QR code.

This is a quick guide to making it Short url on google chrome. Hope it’s useful.

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