How to quickly calculate the average value in Microsoft Excel 2022

Microsoft Office Excel is software Useful favorites help you work around tables, numbers and calculations. But do you know how to average or average in Microsoft Office Excel 2022?

The function to use is the function Average. This function is used to find the average value of a data set in a specific time period or group of data. Inwepo helps you to calculate the average value with the function average in Microsoft Excel 2022 quickly and easily.

How to Quickly Calculate Average Value in Microsoft Excel 2022

1. Enter the data for which you want to calculate the average.

2. Place the cursor on the desired cell.

3. Click on the menu bar “Formulas “ then click “Automatic sum“and select menu”average” internally.
4. Formulate automatically average is displayed in this cell. As in the example = AVERAGE VALUE (C2: C11).
The formula or formula means that the average column to be calculated is C2 to C11. You can change it according to the data you want to calculate.

5. Press “Enter“The result of the calculation appears in the cell.

6. What if multiple columns are required to average? You don’t need to repeat the above steps. There are simple steps to get it which are:

7. Place the cursor on cell the previously determined average value.

8. Move the cursor to the lower right corner of the cell until a “+” sign appears, then press and hold the cell and drag it in the direction cell different average.

9. Release the cursor and the average value for several columns will be displayed.

Hopefully this Microsoft Excel 2022 tutorial can help your work. Much luck!

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