How to quickly and easily restore Windows with Rollback Rx

Have you ever used a computer but the computer you are using has a virus? You want to be repaired, but the virus on your computer is too much and it takes a very long time to scan. Have you ever used a computer? put in automatic repair causing one of the Windows files to be missing corrupt or failed Boots in the Windows menu when a new computer starts? This of course leads to frustration, as the computer has to be reinstalled immediately, with data of course on our hard drive.

Have you used it before? system recovery on the computer, however system recovery can not be restore because of viruses and Windows files that corrupt or even want torestore but it takes time restore very long, must be annoying. Well this time I want to share a tutorial on how to do itrestore use software Rollback reception, software that serves to do thisrestore Windows quickly, easily and immediately. software it is also known as the DeepFreeze alternative. Okay, here are the instructions.


1. Download Rollback Rx. Software

2. Install Rollback Rx

Rollback Rx installation is installed as is software in general. If you can, I suggest that your computer be in good shape during the installation pure and under optimal conditions (I use software This is when Windows is installed so it’s clean, hehe) because when you first installed Rollback Rx, Rollback Rx immediately made a point Recovery points when the program is installed.

3rd The next step is to configure Rollback Rx to run optimally on our Windows by:

  1. Click twice symbol Rollback Rx in the menu symbol bottom right of windows.
  2. Then the interface of the Rollback Rx software opens.
  3. Select Tools and settings then choose settings. Then the display opens settings on Rollback Rx, here we choose Preferences. Here we can hire Snapshots (Snapshots is Recovery points made up software This), free space, and other. It is recommended that this setting be done by default, that is, we do not change it.

4th To restore, we can select the snapshot that was automatically created by the Rollback Rx software by right-clicking the snapshot and then selecting the Rollback menu.

Snapshots is created automatically when windows Reboot / shutdown.

5. Since the Home Edition version of Rollback Rx is used, a maximum of 7 snapshots can be taken.

6. If an automatic loop error occurs or Windows cannot boot, the Rollback Rx software will appear the first time you turn on the computer, press Home on the computer keyboard, then Windows will restore the snapshot selection made by the Rollback Rx software.

Here is a look at Rollback Rx Home Edition

When Windows for the first time Boots :

When running on Windows:

This is the tutorial I wrote this time. Much luck.

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