How to protect the hard disk directory from viruses with a character table

Directories are very important storage locations for our data. There are two or more storage directories in the computer system, namely C and D for very large capacity memories. But very often we finish installing an application or save important data in the directory, and often they are lost for no reason. We already know this habit of a malicious virus entering directories C and D.

To back up data and applications in these important directories, you can simply use the standard Windows application, which is the character table application. Here is how.


1. First you have to open Run by pressing the key Window + R, then type CHARMAP then click OK.

2. When the ad Character map has appeared, you will see many alphabets that look unique. Don’t be confused, this unique alphabet will protect your directory in some ways rename Your directory.

3. Open your Explorer, select the directory you want to rename, the name was previously Local hard drive (C and Local disk (D :).

4. Next we choose a unique alphabet for me-rename Your directory. We are going to change the directory C with the keyword [alfabet_namakamu_alfabet]. After choosing the alphabet, click Choose then click Copy.

5. The last step Copy the unique alphabet you previously selected in the directory you want to rename. Here I am giving an example of changing directory C. Now if it looks like this, you can just click on it Keep going. Don’t worry, the system will accept it Authorization access that you made.

Complete. How to use the character map to protect directories C and D from malicious viruses.

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