How to Produce Cool Artistic Selfies Without Applications

With the development of camera competence Smartphone In this day and age we meet more and more people who really like selfie photos. Not just women, but also a lot of men who take selfies.

Even so, the photos produced are sometimes perceived as sub-optimal, but of course everyone wants perfect results when uploading their photos to social media sites. As a result, quite a few people edit their photos first before editing them Upload so that it looks attractive.

In fact, editing photos is not as easy as taking photos, it takes imagination or creative ideas to make the photos we are editing more beautiful and artistic. But with so many apps editor Helper we can download on the Play Store, it’s certainly enough to help us edit photos, even if it’s just humble.

In this tutorial, we are going to give instructions on how to make your photos look artistic, like an artist’s results, and cool again without using any applications or tools software However. The results are arguably better than those of the applications in the Play Store. Check out the tutorial below.

Video tutorials


1. Open the Google Chrome browser in Smartphone You and visit the site

2. Go to the menu (row 3) in the right corner and select Sign up.

3. You can directly Sign up by email or directly Sign up via social media accounts like Facebook, Gmail and VK. Don’t forget to tick ” I accept the conditions ” First.

4. After success Sign up Go to the site again, select the 3 lines in the right corner and then choose the menu PROCESSING AN IMAGE.

5. Now Upload your photo in the box provided scroll down to the selection filter that are suitable. If it feels right, then Tap stud Process an image.

6. Wait a few moments for the process to complete. Usually takes 1-3 minutes or depending on the queue.

Then go to the menu (line 3) select now on the right MY COLLECTION to see the end result.

7th Tap the download icon in the lower left corner for download and save the changes on the ostagram site in the gallery Smartphone She.

Complete. How to produce artistic selfie photos without additional applications.

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