How to prevent certain apps from using data plans on Xiaomi

excess Smartphone artificially Xiaomi is to use a modified Android, namely MIUI. MIUI is packed with tons of features that are not available on other androids.

Well this time I’m going to review one of the very useful features in MIUI, a feature that can prevent certain applications from using data packets in MIUI Smartphone She.

Before following this tutorial, make sure that Smartphone Xiaomi You are using MIUI 8 or higher (MIUI 9).

1. First open the security app in Xiaomi smartphones She. This application has an icon in the form of a shield and is one of the standard applications in MIUI.

2. Next, select the “Data Usage” option.

3. Select the option “Restrict data usage”.

4. Then a series of applications and will appear Games installed in Smartphone She. Tap the check mark in the Cellular line to block apps that use internet data for.

Try the app or now Games that. Then the app or Games will not be able to use the internet data package Smartphone She.

But remember: don’t use this feature for apps or apps Games which requires an internet connection. Examples are instant messaging applications, and social media online game.

Use this function only for apps and Games which can be used even if it is not connected to the Internet. In this way, the application will not be able to connect to the internet to serve ads.

Your internet data package will also be more efficient. There will be no more apps and Games who are using your data plan as they are all already restricted by this feature.

You can limit as many apps as you want and Games what you want by using this standard MIUI feature.

Much luck.

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