How to Post Full Background Instagram Feeds

To republish Instagram feeds with full background (full screen), you have to use a trick. Because Instagram doesn’t offer this feature by default or can’t republish feeds in full screen mode.

Republish Instagram feed

Have you ever seen a celebrity, especially in creative post or typography, put an image behind them when they want to repost their feed? There are still many who think that this feature only exists on the iPhone, such as copying and pasting pictures, even if we are using an Android smartphone we can and the method is quite simple, let’s try practice. Check out the tutorial below.


1. First, you need to install the Mirosoft Swift keyboard application on Android.

Download Swift Keyboard

2. Once you have completed the download, you must first make the settings as usual (follow the instructions in the Swift Keyboard application. This will be done for all users who have installed it on their smartphone for the first time.

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3. Next, prepare the Instagram feed that you want to repost.

4. In the next step, select the button to create text on Instagram as usual. Now notice that the trick is here, you Tap There is a (+) symbol on the keyboard. Then look for the pinned / pinned icon on the keyboard.

5. When you have selected the camera icon and select the desired image.

6. When you get to this stage, the main trick is also a tough point as you have to move your Instagram feed to the corner of your smartphone and create the background that covers the entire screen, the tips: leave a little space to Clicking on your Instagram feed) if there is no space then you will not be able to do so.

7. If you’ve just swiped in the middle, you’re ready to post Insta-Stories right away.

Complete. So many tutorials on how to create a full reposting Instagram feed with background, it is a little tricky if you just try it out, but if you are used to it and want to learn new things it will be easy.


To make a full background Insta story, you need to learn a few tricks and add a quick keyboard application that is free to download from the Play Store. Creating a full background insta story can make our story more attractive so that it is more interesting to followers or other people. Make sure you follow step 4 above so you can use this method.

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