How to post 3D pictures on Facebook Android

Do you want to create 3D images? But you don’t know how? Feel difficult for not having it software Photoshop? Don’t worry, it turns out we can easily create 3D images with the help of Facebook. Don’t believe Here is the review.

Who doesn’t know Facebook? The biggest Mark Zuckerberg social media that already exists worldwide has to be a lot of people who know and use it. Many people only use Facebook for social media purposes. Like communicating with friends or just sharing photos and videos.

In fact, Facebook can now be used for many things. From what was initially only used for social media, Facebook developers also added interesting features. One of them is the 3D function.

Well, we can easily use these 3D functions to create three-dimensional images. Without using software which is complicated on a PC and of course our editing skills can also produce interesting 3D images.

If you’re interested in trying it out, we’ll go straight to it TutorialsHere is an easy way to create 3D images straight from Facebook.


1. In the first step, make sure you have the Facebook application, not the Facebook Lite application, if not please To installit first.

Download Facebook

2. In the second step, open the Facebook application and log into your respective account. Next Tap Bar to create the status. Menus appear at the bottom for selecting 3D photos.

3. In the third step, you will be directed to the gallery to select a photo. Just select a photo and wait a while for you to take 3D photos.

4. Fourth step, you stay Tap Post menu to share your posts. To see the 3D shape, all you have to do is shake it Smartphone Left or right.

This is the tutorial on how to create 3D picture posts on Facebook Android. Hope it’s useful.

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