How to play with 100 players!

How to play with 100 players! Spinners who have played Ein As at home already know these words. “White fake work”, “self-reporter”, “red vent”, “you are polite, we doubt.”

Playable by 4 to 10 players, this game really sharpens the player’s brain, is always vigilant, and doesn’t trust anyone, even close friends.

It’s hard to doubt 9 people, but what if you need to doubt 99 people?

Yeah, do you know The Spinners that can be played by 100 people?

Before Hype Playing Among Us with 100 players was popular in the YouTube video posted by the channel The Pixel Kingdom.

However, after it was discovered, it turned out that the video was designed by Youtuber himself and was created only as a meme to entertain the viewer.

Among us with 100 players

Still, there are other Youtubers who have created videos that play with 100 players, but this time there are really 100 players playing in one lobby.

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Youtuber is Mr. Beast and Socksfor1 both created a video to play “About As” with 100 players.

In the video among him. Beast, out of 100 players, there are two scammers trying to kill everyone in the lobby and two cops who must be able to know who the scammers are.

The “Among Us Socks for 1 Video” has 10 scammers, and like the original “Among Us”, the crew has tasks to do and also needs to report if someone was killed.

How to play among us with 100 players

If you’re interested in playing 100 players among us, Mr. Beast and Socksfor1 have uploaded a download link for the game mod to their respective Discord servers, who downloaded this mode. You can play.

To access this discord server, you must first join as a member of your YouTube account.

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In addition, there are already many mods from other games such as GTA and Minecraft, making the Ambient Us server 100 players.

You’ll be playing a mod version of Among Us, but remember that this wasn’t the creation of Innersloth, the original Among Us developer.

Therefore, if you want to try this mod, your account may be banned.

Here’s how to play with 100 players among us! For more updates, don’t forget to visit the SPIN website and follow Instagram and Youtube.

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