How to play VR with games from PC

Virtual reality is the feeling of viewing 360-degree videos and users virtual reality have to use a tool called Gadget VR or Google Cardboard, virtual reality now adapted for Games PC-based devices like a device called the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, but both devices are very expensive.

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But there is an alternative for those of you who only want to experience both devices with Google Cardboard Smartphone You, namely by using TrinusVR, please read the following tutorial:

1. Download application required below.

2. Connect Tethering hotspot from Smartphone to your pc.

3. Open the Trinus VR Lite app Smartphone She.

4. When you see a warning “Trial version with full access …”, Tap stud Maybe later.

5. Then turn on TrinusVR by pressing Tap stud ON OFF triangular (see picture below).

6. Then open the TrinusVR server application on your PC.

Then set the appropriate size Gadgets VR with the settings of Trinus.

  • xxxxx_yy
  • to xxxx is the brand of your VR gadget.
  • to Yes / Yes is how many inches of your smartphone

7. Then click the button ON OFF This is a triangle in the lower right corner of the app (see image below).

8. Make sure the button is blue.

9. Then your PC screen will turn on automatically Smartphone you, and please open Games do you want.

An example of the result will be as follows.

Image from PC:

Images from Android smartphones:

Remarks :

• You can move the screen with Smartphone You on the condition Smartphone you have to have a sensor gyroscope.

• Vision on PC and Smartphone has a delay of 0.3 seconds to 0.6 seconds.

• Make sure your PC is of high specification as this application is very RAM consuming.

• This application can work without an internet connection.

• Not all Games can be played on this Trinus application

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