How to Play Unique and Fun Games on Instagram

A while ago the Instagram world was shocked when there was a similar game fluttering bird who is present as face filter on Instagram. Well, didn’t you just know that? Games fluttering bird only in face filter. There are other exciting games that we can play. Here is the full review.

Instagram is one of the media that is loved by many people in different parts of the world. Users also vary from children to adults, from business people to students, all use Instagram.

Social media that focuses on photos and videos is growing in popularity. The interesting features that are there ensure that many users feel at home on Instagram for a long time.

Some time ago, Instagram was excited about the features face filter with effect flying face Which face filter we can play like a game. Well, from there some things finally showed up face filter others we can play with too. Curious face filter what are you?

Video tutorials


A. Easter Egg Games

1. Then open the Instagram app as usual Tap search and search the account @

2. follow the account then Tap symbol Smiley face or face filter next search filter Easter egg challenge.

3rd Tap symbol download right to save filter, or use the Try it menu on the left to try it out filter the.

B. Like hunters

1. Still like the above method, search and follow @ marcwakefieldards account. Next Tap symbol Smiley face and then search filter To like Hunter.

2. Use the menu download right to save filter or use the try menu on the left to try it out filter the.

This is the tutorial on how to play Games unique and fun on Instagram. Hope it’s useful.

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