How to play songs / music on Google Maps Android

Who doesn’t know Google Maps? Yes, almost everyone today uses Google’s services. But did you know that the Google Maps application can also play our favorite songs for us? If not, let’s look at the following trick.

Google is now a huge internet service that almost everyone would know about. Not only the search engine that it has today, many people also rely on the Google Maps service. Google Maps itself is now a digital map service that has helped many people, or perhaps us, to find a location.

Google Maps is a very complete digital mapping application indeed. Based on the notification of the traffic situation, we can also display images, whether by land or air. Even though it’s so demanding, sometimes we can’t avoid traffic jams.

Well, for those of you who get stuck in traffic a lot even after taking the best route provided by Google, there are a few tricks you can do. One of them is playing your favorite songs straight from the Google Maps application. Do you want to know how to activate it? Listen carefully Step by stepit down.

Video tutorials:


1. The first step, make sure you are on Smartphone They are already available on Google Play Music, if not please download and To install First the Google Play Music app.

2. In the second step, open the Google Maps application and then Tap 3 lines in the upper left corner. Next scroll down and select the Settings menu.

3. In the third step, select the Navigation Settings option in the Settings menu. Then select or enable the Show Media Playback Controls button.

4. Fourth step, choose Google Play Music and then Tap Next. Then search for a place to show it on Maps.

5. Step five, Tap Directions then Tap Begin.

6. Sixth step, Tap the displayed Google Play Music icon. Use the music player menu below to play and change your favorite songs.

This is a guide on how to play songs or music on Google Maps Android. Hope it’s useful.

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