How to play Nintendo, Sega, PS, GameBoy, MAME on Android

Technological advances mean developers compete to develop applications and games on Android and iOS smartphones. One example is the development of Nintendo, Sega, PS, GameBoy, MAME game emulators so that they can be played on Android Smartphone Android.

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For Android users who miss Games Childhood like Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega, Gameboy, Playstation 1 and Multiple Arcade Machine you can play it back today. In order to be able to play the game we need an emulator application which must be installed on our Android smartphone. How to play emulator games on Android.

1. First of all, please To install The emulator APK

Download Android emulators

2. Then download Rome Gamessearch it on google keywords Surname Games do you want. Example on site

Usually the game ROM file data size reaches 100MB-500MB, so prepare your internet quota.

Remarks: Besides the Coolrom site, you can search for it on other sites too, all you need to do is find the game title, for example download the free Sonic Nes emulator ROM.

3. Afterwards download all ROMs Gamesthen move the data Games them and create a name for each folder on the SD card or internal storage.

Nintendo: sdcard / roms / nes

Nintendo Super: sdcard / roms / snes

Nintendo64: sdcard / roms / n64

Sega: sdcard / roms / genesis

Gameboys: sdcard / roms / gba

PS: SD card / PSXoid

MAME: sdcard / roms / mame

Remarks: If you encounter an error that the game cannot be played or the game ROM cannot be found, please follow the instructions on each emulator to properly place the game ROM.

4. Then enter the game ROM data according to the name Games the.

Complete. You can get back to nostalgia by playing favorite 90s games through your Android phone. So you can play Nintendo, Sega, PS, GameBoy, MAME games on Android for free.

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