How to play HeadQuiz / Guess the picture on Instagram

I already know the game Head Quiz Instagram? If not, let’s try the fun of the game Head quiz. This is how you appear on your Instagram.

Instagram is one of the best social media outlets today. Like not its popularity, Facebook, which, by the way, was more popular than Instagram, competes. This happens because we know that the majority of Instagram users are young people. In addition, Instagram is a social medium that focuses on photos and videos that are in line with trend and current developments.

Not only that, there are many things that make Instagram so popular. For example the camera effects it contains. Many users take advantage of the excitement of these camera effects. Well, one of them you can use effects Head Quiz. You can play this effect with your friends to make it more exciting. This one camera effect is more similar Games Assumptions that used to be made by an Indonesian TV station. So, how? Would you like to try the camera effect? How to activate it.

Video tutorials


1. In the first step, open the Instagram application on Facebook directly Smartphone you then Tap the icon look for and look for the @karetsatu account. Thereafter Tap the smiley face icon which is located at the bottom of the Karetsatu account profile.

2. In the second step, select the HeadQuiz filter effect and then Tap the download icon right to save the effect on your camera or Instagram account.

3. Third step, Tap the icon the camera at the top left. Then switch to hands-free mode.

4. Fourth step, Tap HeadQuiz filters then point the camera at your friends or at a photo for a test run.

This is the tutorial on how to play Head Quiz / guess the picture on Instagram. Hope it’s useful.

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