How to Play GTA V Roleplay on GTA V Steam

GTA V is a game open world which was very popular at the time of its release, as evidenced by the sale of millions of DVDs and DLCs in the first week of its launch, there has also been some viral content related to buying this GTA V game, such as being a kid of the Raised pocket money of up to IDR 800,000 (the first prize of GTA V) to buy an original GTA V DVD to install on his Playstation 3 console, if the author is wrong.

GTA V has an online multiplayer feature that allows users to play GTA V alongside anyone around the world. This function bears the name social association, you will connect to the server randomly and meet many users from all over the world, besides using social association, there is a third party online multiplayer feature that is legal, namely FiveM, in this role you take the system role playing game where we need to play like real people in general, such as work, eat, play sports and others.

If you are curious about the system role playing game In that case, you have to try it out on your GTA V Steam. Here are the tutorials and terms.


Can only be used for GTA V Steam

Make sure you have at least a very fast internet connection 20 Mbit / s (Remember, yes Mbit / s, not Mbit / s)


1. First download and install the app FiveM

2. During the installation process, the application downloads a file of approximately 1 GB.

3. When the installation process is complete, the application will generally open in a state of Full screenif the application is open in a state windowed You close the app and reopen it, but if the app doesn’t open after the installation process is complete, you can use to open the app symbol like the picture below.

4. If the application is already open, click the menu server to see a list of available servers on FiveM.

5. There will be many servers available worldwide in different countries including Indonesia. If you want to play on the Indonesian server, all you need to do is enter keywords in the search box “indo” a list of servers managed by Indonesians will be displayed.

6. You click on one of the servers and continue by clicking associate to enter the game but connect to the server role playing game which you choose.

7. Done.

Note: The sixth stage also lets you see how many members or members are currently joining the server and usually the owner of the server is happy to install the server url discord to communicate with its members outside of the game.

Additional information from the author, the owner of the GTA V Roleplay Server is not free, help the server owner by donating to one of the admins or directly to the owner, usually the donation information is shown when you enter the game where it appears Loading screen which is pinned that we need to donate to, this donation is optional, but if you want to appreciate the hard work of the server owner you can make a donation to them.

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