How to Play Google’s Secret Game on Android

Are you running out of quota? Or is there no internet or WiFi connection in your area? Tired of not knowing what to do without an internet connection? Just play Cloud games by Google to get rid of boredom, Here’s how.

We are in the era right now digitalizationthat always requires internet access. Social media, Games, and many applications that do not work optimally without an Internet connection. Life without an internet connection will certainly look difficult for some people. Where we very often interact with the virtual world every day. Especially if you are already addicted to Google, you are sure to be confused if you cannot find the information we want to know.

Of course we’ve seen things where we don’t have an internet connection. Maybe we’re running out of quotas or we’re in a remote area so it’s difficult to get a signal.

We’ll surely get bored of that. To get rid of this feeling, you can try playing Games cloud from Google that can be accessed online offline. How do I activate it?

This is how it is played Cloud games Google moment offline on Android.

Video tutorials:


1. First turn off any Internet data connections you have. Can go straight to. walk Notification bar and activate airplane mode. Next life Tap Google Apps.

2. Enter something if you want rummage something in the search box. Thereafter Tap the cloud game icon that’s on the left.

3rd Tap Tap like a flappy bird game to start playing Games the.

This is the tutorial on how to play Games Google Secrets on Android. Hope it’s useful.

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