How to play games on Android wallpapers

Most users Smartphone of course often change the shape of the display Wallpaper on your smartphone. Maybe out of boredom or to look more elegant. But most of us only know that Wallpaper only used as a display Home screen. In fact, we can play too Games with Wallpaper. How one? see the full review below.

Background images is the first thing to come across when opening Smartphone. Therefore see Wallpaper monotonous will bore us quickly.

So don’t be surprised if quite a few people are very happy to change Wallpaper At Smartphone her lover. Besides beautifying the look Smartphone It turns out we can play games with the wallpaper on the too Home screen our smartphone.

Well, if you are often bored with the look Wallpaper You and want to feel the feeling of playing Home screen can follow Tutorialsit down.

Video tutorials:


1. For Xiaomi phones only download and To install first application Live wallpaper shortcuts then download use Toy Story Lwp Andy’s room.

2. Open the Live Wallpaper Shortcut application and select Andy’s Room.

3rd Tap Set the wallpaper to make it Wallpaper. You can scroll right / left to explore Andy’s room. You can also Tap Darts to play it.

Another way:

1. Download and To install first application Shooter background game.

2. Open the Shooter Wallpaper Game application and then Set as Wallpaper. To play it, just shake your phone right / left to move the plane.

This is the tutorial on how to play Games in Wallpaper Android. Much luck.

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